7 Tips on How To Look After Your Roof

Here are a few things you can do to keep your roof in good condition:

  1. Remove debris, which holds water and causes your roof to deteriorate over time. Any pockets of water that remain in certain areas of the roof such us pipe’s, joints will eventually cause that area to become less waterproof.
  2. Secure loose tiles & slates as soon as possible. By replacing or securing damaged slates or tiles as soon as you see it you reduce further damage to the area. Your roof is only as strong as its weakest link.
  3. Clean, inspect and secure your guttering. Your guttering is worth replacing if it’s started to deteriorate as this is what channels the run-off water to where it needs to go. If it’s not doing this correctly this can escalate damage to both the guttering itself and your property.
  4. Inspect your flashing to be sure it is solid and in position properly. This will need to be re-sealed if needed.
  5. Inspect and repair the mortar on your chimney if it looks like its deteriorating. This could save you a lot of money in the long run if later you need to replace the whole chimney.
  6. Cut back tree branches that our too close or touching the roof. This will help prevent debris collecting and help keep nesting animals away.
  7. Arrange for a roof inspection every few years. This will help ensure any issues are identified before any problems occur. Roofing problems can be prevented with regular inspections and routine maintenance. Water coming out of the ceiling is a homeowner’s worst nightmare!

Your roof is a valuable investment protecting everything inside your property. It is your shield against the elements keeping yourself and your property safe from the weather, so maintaining your roof will help ensure it lasts through the seasons and years to come.

You can keep an eye on the condition of  your roof from the ground, looking out for damp patches on your ceilings or broken slates & tiles on the floor around your home. These are sure signs that there’s something wrong with your roof.

Common Roof Problems

When checking your roof, these are the main areas to be aware of.

  • Chimney flashings
  • Broken seals around windows
  • Guttering & Downpipes
  • Roof valleys
  • Flat roof blistering
  • Clogged drains
  • Vent pipes
  • Broken tiles & slate
  • Skylights
  • Worn lead pipes
  • Moss or debris

If  you’re comfortable at heights, you can carry out small repairs or check damage from your rooftop yourself but remember to minimize the number of times that you walk across your roof. If you’re in any doubts about your ability to undertake repairs or you’re not sure what kind of damage you’re looking for, you can contact a professional roofing firm that will carry out roof repairs and can even give you a roof report so you know exactly what condition your roof is in.